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GNJ Line Contracting Ltd. in Medicine Hat

When your drilling or excavation project needs to be completed, there’s no room for mistakes. At GNJ Line Contracting Ltd., we have a reputation for consistently delivering outstanding results on phone, power and gas industry projects in Medicine Hat.

Benefits of Directional Drilling
We specialize in techniques such as directional drilling, a low impact process for creating non-vertical wells. This method of drilling effectively reaches hard-to-access reservoirs, without causing high-impact surface disturbance. Since it’s also easier to execute and more cost-effective than other methods, directional drilling is a great option for a variety of projects.

Alberta’s Experts on Excavation
Since 2003, our business has served the Medicine Hat area with unparalleled quality and service. Our team will make sure your project is completed within your deadline and budget. For more information on how you can ensure the success of your next power, phone, gas line or fibre optic installation job, call us today.

Alberta Construction Safety Association’s Trailblazer Award

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Alberta Construction Safety Association

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Directional drilling, excavating, trenching and more

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